As a teen, cellist Mon-Puo became captivated by the Sonata for Cello Solo by György Ligeti. After a few years he was advanced enough to start studying the piece, and now it has become one of his favourites. Young Classicals recorded this energetic piece with Mon-Puo at the alluring Bode Museum in Berlin.

Piece: Sonata for Cello Solo
Composer: György Ligeti
Location: Bode Museum
Cello: Mon-Puo

Mon-Puo was born in Madrid (Spain) in December of 1993 into an artistic Taiwanese family and soon started to play the cello. He became a student at the Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía with Professor Natalia Shakhovskaya and Ivan Monighetti. As an international competition prizewinning cellist he won First Prize at the VII International Competition Karl Davydov, top prize in the Brahms Competition, first prize in the International Pedro Bote Competition, first prize and the special OSPA prize in the international cello competition of Llanes (Asturias). Visit Mon-Puo's website to read his full biography.