A long time ago in Salvador there was a famously beautiful lady that sold popcorn near the city’s theatre and she used to sing a certain melody to lure customers to her stand. Her name was Flor Da Noite. Brazilian composer Radamés Gnattali wrote this beautiful piece on that same melody.

Piece: Flor Da Noite
Composer: Radamés Gnattali
Location: De Doelen (Rotterdam)
Violin: Floor Braam
Piano: Luis Rabello

Floor Braam
In 2015 Floor Braam made her solo-debut in the Concertgebouw Amsterdam, performing Souvenir d’un Lieu Cher with the Zakhar Bron Chamber Orchestra and Navarra for two violins , together with Zakhar Bron. Floor is being coached by Professor Zakhar Bron and is a member of the Zakhar Bron Chamber Orchestra. Since 2014, she performs on a regular basis with well-known Dutch pianist Wibi Soerjadi. Floor plays a Nicolo Gagliano violin, made in 1750 (Naples). In january 2014 she launched her own project “Russian Masters”, which was held in the Worldmuseum in Rotterdam. In collaboration with Russian artist Igor Tcholaria, Floor created an unique and sensational program. Together with Spanish cellist Adolfo Gutierrez Arenas and pianist Sander Sittig, she gave a touching performance of the great Russian composers. For the second edition, “Golden Masters”, she had invited Dutch artist Jos Looise, who participated with a beautiful exhibition of his “Golden Portraits”. Visit Floor's website to read her full biography.