We visited cellist Camillo Cabassi in his hometown Reggio Emilia in Italy where we spent a few wonderful days recording our very first music video. It was truly a great experience to film in the enchanting countryside of Reggio Emilia. We are very proud of the result! Make sure to check the music video as well!

Get-To-Know: Camillo Cabassi
Instrument: Cello

Camillo Cabassi
I started to play cello when I was six years old in my home town in Italy (Reggio Emilia) and twelve years later I obtained my bachelor degree in Modena’s conservatory with the highest mark possible. After two years of specialization in Florence with Natalia Gutman, playing in the Italian Youth Orchestra and World Youth Orchestra, I went to Basel (Switzerland) where I completed a master degree in cello performance with Thomas Demenga. I then moved to the Netherlands to continue my studies and right now I’m following another master at the Utrecht conservatory with Timora Rosler. This is a short background of my studies so far and with the broad experience in cello performance and chamber music I gained experience as a teacher as well, with students of all ages and all levels. In Italy I had the chance to teach chamber music and cello at a music school and to give cello and music lessons to kids, teenagers and adults, beginners and advanced players.