Laetitia Hahn (14) came to Eindhoven to record Liszt and to talk to us about music. Make sure to check out her performance!

Get-To-Know: Laetitia Hahn
Instrument: Piano

Laetitia Hahn
About the Liszt, played by this young extraordinary Pianist Laetitia Hahn (*2003) the "Süd-West-Presse" writes: truely a tremendous firework of soughing Glitter-Arpeggios in perceived light speed and furious key-thunder is passing the listeners ears, evolving the singing of a dreaming soul. Almost with 10yo, she is giving her solodebut, while the orchestra debut follows in the same year. 2012/13 Laetitia obtains 18 rewards at 14 competitions, got seleted to be Lang Lang Music Ambassador and got 2014 elected by the "Aachener Nachrichten" to be one of "Menschen 2014". In 2015 she performed together with Lang Lang in China, starting off her first solo-tournee. In December 2015 she passed the examination to become an ordinary bachelor-student. Although Laetitia was just 12 years old, from summersemester 2016 onwards, Laetitia is the utmost youngest ever ordinary "Bachelor of Arts in Music" Student at the Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences of Switzerland, and member of the class of Prof. Grigori Gruzman. Laetitia performed among others at the Philharmony in Essen and Munich, also at the Laeiszhalle in Hamburg, the Albertinum in Dresden, at the Klavier Festival Ruhr, during the Köthener Bachfesttagen, the Herbstlichen Musiktagen/Bad Urach and at the Leipziger Gewandhaus while awarding the international Mendelssohn-Price to Dr. von Weizsäcker (former German President). Together with her brother Philip she performed at the Ronald-McDonald Childrens Chairity Gala 2015 in Vienna/Austria, appeared in 2015 and 2016 at the legendary Moselmusikfestival and gave concert in autumn 2016 together with the philharmonic orchestra "Mihail Jora" from Bacau. Conducted by Maestro Dimitar Panov, Laetitia performed Schumann op. 54 with an unique cadenza at the philharmony of Bacau/Rumänien. Thst concert was one out of 34, she performed in 2016. (Biography from Laetitia's website)