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Pablo Barragán Hernández

With music one can say what cannot be expressed otherwise. Music makes intangible things tangible and touches in a special way. Pablo Barragán is fascinated by this kind of communication and from the first note masterfully creates a connection to his audience. His performance is differentiated, elegant and perfectly nuanced. He wants to tell stories, convey emotions and create his own color palette for every work. For him, art is a constant source of inspiration. He loves to visit galleries and museums, to have the experience of a good coffee or conversation with friends. In his childhood, drawing and painting was a great passion for him. He grew up with the feeling of creativity and freedom, which he also found in music. Although classical music played a minor role in his family life in southern Spain, his mother always encouraged him to try new things, so he began playing the piano at the age of four. Later, through the soprano saxophone he found his “instrument”: the clarinet. He remembers vividly hearing for the first time a tone and a world of infinite possibilities, melodies and rhythms open up. In addition to playing his own music, he loves to listen to the old cassette recorder for hours on end. Visit Pablo's website to read his full biography.