Annemieke Breunesse

Annemieke Breunesse began playing the harp when she was eleven years old at "Het Klooster", Woerden. At the age of fourteen she was admitted to the Young Talent Class of the Utrecht Conservatory, studying with professor Erika Waardenburg. She successfully obtained her Bachelor and Masters degree, graduating with a 9 in June 2016. Annemieke won several prizes; second prize at the 'Nederlands Harpconcours' (2006) and prize winner 'Prinses Christina Concours' (2010), 'SJMN Concours' (2011). She received masterclasses from Gwyneth Wentink, Edward Witsenburg, Andrew Lawrence-King, Eleanor Bennet, Skaila Kanga, and Sivan Magen. Visit Annemieke's website to read her full biography.