What does Young in Young Classicals mean?

Young in Young Classicals means the new generation of musician that uses apps, social media and technology to help their career.

What is the main goal of your courses?

The main goal of our courses is to support (professional) classical musicians in their career. By offering valuable knowledge and skills in addition to your music studies, we hope to make your live as a freelancing artist a little easier. We do not offer music lessons, that is what the conservatory is for.

Why offer courses?

In this digital age there are a lot of apps, tools and services available that can be of great help for classical musicians and their career. We noticed  that many musicians do not know about them, and that's why we decided to create our courses.

Should I get the Complete Bundle?

Well, yes! Every course and series that we'll release throughout 2020-20201 is part of the Complete Bundle. So the value of your one time (small) investment keeps increasing over time. Another reason is that a lot of courses and series are connected to each other and with the Complete Bundle you'll have access to everything, always 🎶

Why are your courses relatively short?

Let's say you want to record a simple, but high quality video like this one using just one camera angle. So you search the internet for help and you quickly find tens of thousands of tutorials on Youtube. When searching a  professional course website like Lynda.com you'll find thousands of in-depth courses as well.

But you don't have time to dive in that deep! And we're guessing you don't want to become the next Spielberg either... You just want to learn enough skills to make a high quality performance video with good audio. And that's where we come in. We focus on the essentials you need to know to get great results quickly and easily.

How can the Complete Bundle be so cheap?

Because we are a small company with relatively low costs. That way we can offer high quality content for a low price. There are a lot of expensive courses out there ($100-$1.200), as well as subscriptions that you have to pay for every single month. So we thought we'd offer you something much more attractive 😀

How much content is in the Complete Bundle?

We scheduled 14 releases throughout 2020-2021, and they are all included in our Complete Bundle for only €49 (ex vat). Individual courses/series are €25 (ex vat) and some are totally free.

Any info on the release dates?

Displayed release dates are only targets. We might be a bit sooner, we might be a bit later. Follow us on social media for any updates, and keep an eye out for our newsletters as well.

I'm stuck! Can you help me?

Keeping the prices as low as possible means that we do not have a support team. That said, most apps and services that we recommend in our courses do have their own, dedicated support teams.

Any recurring fees?

Nope. You only pay once for a product. No monthly or annual fees. Yay! 💃🏻

Can I get a refund?

We don't offer refunds.

What if I bring you new customers?

You can become an affiliate if you have a large and engaging audience consisting of classical musicians. For every sale that goes through your affiliate link, you will earn a €8 commission! Contact us here if you think you can help us grow Young Classicals.

What if I get my school to purchase the Complete Bunbdle for all students?

If you bring us in contact with staff from your school and a bulk order (50+ accounts) is placed as a result, you will get a reward in return. Make sure you already talk to your school before you contact us, and send us an email here connecting us with your contact.

How does COVID-19 influence Young Classicals?

We originally scheduled to launch the first few courses on October 1st, 2020. But with the virus keeping many of you at home, we worked very hard to launch a couple of courses much sooner. This includes our course about Podia where we will teach you how to create a website just like ours to earn money online with your music. With our course about Canva you'll learn how to quickly create amazing designs for concert posters, programs, Insta stories, etc. You will also get 100+ design templates!

As for our own original music videos: recordings of new music videos are put on hold for the foreseeable future. We do however still have several videos to publish.