How did Young Classicals start?

We started Young Classicals by making videos for talented classical musicians around the world and posting the results on social media as a way to support the genre.

What does Young in Young Classicals refer to?

Young in Young Classicals refers to musicians that use apps, social media and technology in their career.

Can I send you my video?

Absolutely :) Up til now we have only published our own work, but we recently started publishing work from others as well. Read this page carefully before you submit your video.

What is the main goal of your courses?

The main goal of our courses is to support you as a conservatory student or as a professional classical musician in your career. By offering valuable knowledge and skills in addition to your music studies, we hope to make your life as a freelancing artist a little bit easier. All our courses are tailor-made for (professional) classical musicians. *We do not offer music lessons*

How much content do you have?

Take a look at All Access for an overview of our courses, series and tools.

Any recurring fees?

Nope! Once a member, always a member 🥳

What if I bring you new customers?

You can become an affiliate if you have a large and engaging audience consisting of classical musicians. For every sale that goes through your affiliate link, you will earn a €5 to €8 commission. Contact us here if you think you can help us grow.

Can I purchase All Access for my students?

Yes, music schools and conservatories can buy in  bulk Starting from 50 accounts, and with discounts of up to 80%. Check this link for more information.