Our video making process consists of 4 parts.
  1. Filming (early 2021). How to film your video.
  2. Recording (early 2021). How to record audio (your music)
  3. Mixing. How to edit and mix your music using Logic Pro or Garageband.
  4. Editing. How to edit your video using Final Cut Pro or iMovie.
Besides our courses on all of these parts, we created a course named Filmmaker. In a condensed format (only one video) you will learn you how to make a specific type of video using specific tools.

Watch this tutorial from our Editing course to learn how to mix your recordings directly in Final Cut Pro.

  • More customisation options in Logic's workspace (hiding tracks, changing height of tracks, grouping tracks together in folders/track stacks, changing colour of tracks).
  • In Logic there are more options to precisely change the sound of the reverb that we use (though the reverbs themselves are the exact same).
  • More possibilities to fix mistakes in your music because of the time-stretching option in Logic.

Pro Apps Bundle for Education
Find more information about Apple's bundle in the first chapter about Final Cut Pro.

  • Choose either Garageband or Logic Pro as your DAW and watch the corresponding tutorials. Below each tutorial you can find clear instructions.


In this course we'll teach you how to edit and mix your audio recordings in Garageband and Logic Pro X (both exclusive to Apple computers). Early 2021 our Recording course will go live as well. That's where you'll learn how to record your music.

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