Mixing | Garageband

In this course we'll teach you how to edit and mix your audio recordings in Garageband and Logic Pro X (both exclusive to Apple computers). Early 2021 our Recording course will go live as well. That's where you'll learn how to record your music.
Mixing & Editing Audio
5 mins
Apple Crash Course (2 min)
Essential Tips 🚀
2 mins
Installing Garageband
2 mins
File Management
4 mins
Template Download (v1.1)
642 KB
General Overview
3 mins
Preparing Tracks
5 mins
Mixing Your Music
7 mins
6 mins
Finishing & Bouncing
4 mins
Course Completed ✅
Template Folder Versions
v1.1 | macOS Catalina (10.15.6)
642 KB