Young Classicals Courses

The main purpose of our courses is to support conservatory students and professional classical musicians in their career. We teach practical skills in addition to their music studies.

Students will learn to:

create performance videos, portrait videos, and music videos
create an artist website and a shop to sell albums or lessons
create beautiful designs like a concert poster and a logo
Our Let's Talk About series covers subjects like business skills, and mental & physical health. Inspire showcases extraordinary projects from musicians. We created a total of 10 courses/series.

To be successful as a professional classical musician, you do have to have quite a big skill set. It is simply not enough just to be a good musician.

Luckily there are amazing tools and apps available that will expand any skill set in a big way and require little time. We teach exactly the same skills, apps and programs that we use ourselves.

So, why choose Young Classicals?

Our courses are created specifically for classical musicians. So instead of long, comprehensive courses that include many skills they will never use, we offer short tutorials and focus only on what is actually useful for classical musicians. We also added many templates to really kickstart projects for your students. Take our Canva Design Templates for example; with these templates your students can have their own beautiful looking concert poster within 5 minutes!

our ALL ACCESS pass

Watch anytime, anywhere, and as many times as you want.
Short and easy to digest videos. Written instructions are included.
Pay only once and have access to everything forever.
Access to all 10 courses is €50 (ex vat) per student. However, we offer huge discounts for conservatories and music schools.


60% off

50-99 students = €20/student
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65% off

100-199 students = €17,50/student
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70% off

200+ students = €15/student
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Our online courses are a great addition to your curriculum and a fantastic support for your students for years to come.


Can I preview your content?

Yes. School administrators can request an All Access account. Send us a message here.

We already offer many of the same courses in our conservatory.

That is fantastic! Then let our online courses be the extra source that your students can access whenever and wherever they want. Furthermore, they will always have access to our templates (pre-made designs, websites, etc).

Not all courses are online yet?

That is correct. Because of COVID-19 we decided to already publish what we have and release everything else throughout 2020/2021. In the meantime you can enjoy a special early discount for your students.

What courses are already published?

At this moment students have access to courses about Logic Pro, Garageband, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Canva, and Podia. Take a look at the All Access page for an overview of all courses.

Will accounts expire?

No. Once a member, always a member :)

How do I order All Access for my students?

Send us an email here requesting the number of accounts you want. Also provide us with all school details for the invoice and let us know whether you would like to pay by bank transfer, credit card or PayPal. Once the invoice is paid, students will receive an email with their account information within 3 business days.

For this to work we will need a .CSV file containing the first name, last name and email address of the students you want to enrol. It is highly recommended that you yourself send your students an email as well informing them about our email. This is important because our email might land in their spam, junk or promotions folder.

What are your company details?

Young Classicals
Keizersgracht 241
1016EA Amsterdam
KVK 30278635

More info

You can find more information about us in our FAQs on this link.