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Learn to create your own music videos, music albums, artist website, concert posters, sheet music, invoices for clients, and much more. With All Access for €75 (ex VAT) you become a lifetime member and gain access to every course, series and tool we'll ever make. Our goal is to support you throughout your career. So join today!

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Learn how to easily create professional concert posters, concert programs, album covers and more.

Design Templates

A collection of Canva design templates specifically created and curated for classical musicians.

Editing | Final Cut Pro X

Learn all the essentials to edit your videos using Apple's paid video editing software Final Cut Pro.
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Editing | iMovie

Learn all the essentials to edit your videos using Apple's free video editing software iMovie.
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File Management

We created a super handy File Management template specifically for classical musicians.


Learn how to film your videos. We'll cover shot composition, cameras, equipment and more.
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Gear List

We compiled a list of recommended audio and video gear that you can use for your own productions.


Classical musicians talk about their projects. Listen to their stories and be inspired.
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Let's Talk About

Let's Talk About is an ongoing series about a variety of topics related to classical music.
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Mixing | Garageband

Learn how to edit and mix music recordings using Apple's free audio software Garageband.
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Mixing | Logic Pro X

Learn how to edit and mix music recordings using Apple's paid audio software Logic Pro.
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Music Notation

Being able to create your own sheet music is of course really handy for almost every classical musician.
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In this course you'll learn how to make incredible photos using the power of your smartphone.
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We'll show you how to create a website exactly like our website using the Podia platform.
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Learn how to record your music with microphones, smartphones and portable recorders.
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Full tutorials about videomaking with specific tools for specific types of productions.
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Follow our step-by-step course to easily make your own, fully professional website.
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We just launched our first 9 titles this October and we are very excited to see that you are interested in joining us. We already have lots of content available, and much more is to come!
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