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Your #1 source as a professional classical musician or conservatory student. We offer knowledge, ideas and practical skills to help you further your career.

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We scheduled 10 courses for 2020/2021 (see list below). Individual courses are €20 each, but you'll get everything with our All Access pass for only €50!
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Canva is a graphic design tool that allows you to create designs like concert posters within minutes.


We'll show you how to create a website exactly like our website using Podia.
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Learn all the essentials to edit a video using Apple's video editing software iMovie or Final Cut Pro.
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Learn all the essentials to edit and mix music using Apple's digital audio workstation Garageband or Logic Pro.
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Classical musicians talk about their extraordinary projects. Listen to their stories and be inspired.
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Let's Talk About

Let's Talk About is an ongoing series about a variety of topics related to classical musicians.
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Combining parts of 4 courses to teach you how to make specific types of videos from A to Z.
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Follow our step-by-step course to easily make your own, fully professional website.
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Learn how to record instruments with microphones. We'll also cover a smartphone/tablet solution.
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Learn how to film your videos. We'll cover shot composition, cameras, camera settings and equipment.
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Young Classicals

The #1 source for professional classical musicians and conservatory students. We offer knowledge, ideas and skills to help you further your career. Get all our courses and series with the All Access pass for only €50 🚀