Bite sized video courses for classical musicians 🎶 Because building a career isn't easy!

With new skills, knowledge and ideas in addition to your music studies, we aim to help you in your career as a professional musician. We scheduled 14 releases throughout 2020-2021, and they are all included with All Access (€49/one-time).
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Our first course (Canva) has just been released and it is free for a limited time. In June our second course (Podia) will be released. Individual courses are €25 each, but you get all 14 courses with All Access for only €49 (ex vat).


Learn how to record instruments with professional microphones, as well as with a smartphone solution.
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We'll teach you how to make videos just like we make videos. Part I is about single shot performance videos.
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Canva is an online graphic design tool that allows you to create designs like a concert poster within minutes.


Videos featuring professionals from around the world talking about marketing & money for classical musicians.
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Video Editing

Learn all the essentials to edit a video using (Apple) video editing software (iMovie and Final Cut Pro X).
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Audio Editing

Learn how to edit and mix audio files in a free (Garageband) and a paid (Logic Pro X) digital editing workstation.
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Platforms like Youtube, SoundCloud, Instagram and Facebook allow you to connect with your audience.
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Classical musicians talk about their extraordinary projects. Hear their stories and be inspired by their creativity.
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Learn how to balance music, rest and a social life to get more out of every day and to be more productive.
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We'll show you how to create a website using Podia (paid service) to sell online lessons and digital content.
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Platforms like Youtube, SoundCloud, Instagram and Facebook allow you to connect with your audience.
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There is nothing worse than a serious injury. Luckily, many injuries can be avoided with a healthy posture.
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Let's Talk About

Let's Talk About is an ongoing series about a variety of topics related to classical musicians.
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Music Notation

In this course you'll learn how to create your own sheet music using (free) online music notation software.
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Soft launch

We initially planned to launch our first 7 courses on October 1st, 2020. But we decided to release 2 super handy courses much sooner, so you can stay productive even at home. The first course is truly awesome. You'll learn how to create a professional concert poster or concert program with Canva in just minutes! And in the second course you'll learn how to easily build a website just like ours using Podia. This will allow you to sell your own digital content like online music lessons.
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